What water temp do the large mouth bass start biting? is 52 ...

What water temp do the large mouth bass start biting? is 52 still to low?

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Posted on Bass Fishing
7 years ago #2

Usually, 52 is still a little too cold for bass to start yanking on the baits but it is OK. I recommend a senko or some stick bait and fish it slow. Usually, bass are most aggressive at water temp. 68-72 but will still bite at 52

6 years ago #3

Bass can be caught with a water temperature in the 40's so you can definitely catch them at 52. Slow your retrieve down, **** baits can be very effective around that 52 degree mark,especially with long pauses. Hope this helps.

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6 years ago #4
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In spring. when the water temperature is between 55 and 65 degrees, bass will seek out a shallow protected area for spawning 2 - 12 feet deep. Generally on average, they will spart spawning at 62 degeees.

You have some good advice above.

3 years ago #5

I caught 20 up to 4lbs in the space of about three hours in central NC yesterday (3/14/15) on ratltraps and jerkbaits with a surface water temp of 51-53 degrees. A pattern I have come to rely on this time of year.

Slow isn't always the answer. Once the water breaks the 50* mark I always start putting more focus on hard baits unless fishing a high barometric pressure day.

3 years ago #6

I went out Saturday... still a sheet of ice out in the middle of the pond. Fished with Rat-L-Traps and everything else.. no signs of life in the pond. We probably have another month to go here in Virginia before they really start biting. I look for signs like minnows, frogs, green cattails and dragonfly's. These are all great signs that fishing is in full swing!

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3 years ago #7
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Hello everyone, 😊

I hope that this reply finds you all doing well and that you all are being 'blessed!' I am doing G-R-E-A-T!!!

YOU all are right ... As location, presentation and other factors make a 'huge' difference!

Early Spring Bass start moving up from the deep water as the water temperature begins to warm up. The water temperature at 45 degrees and the Bass will be moving into 2' to 12' depths.

Spawn usually starts when water temps are 55 to 65 degrees -- Again location, presentation, etc.

Presentation for Bass -- Bass will sometimes bite when water temperatures are in the 40's and more so from 52 degrees. Rule of Thumb -- The colder the water the slower the presentation needs to be.

Missouri [Northwest]

May you all have a 'splendid' and 'blessed' week!!!

In His Service,

MoDoc <,*))))))><
Saint Joseph, MO

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5 days ago #8

Much of what your using depends on their desired water temp...If top water, anything at 60 and above they love..They usually chill out on the bite when above 82 tho..But, no matter what the temp is or the water color, find Hydrilla, lots of Water Grass and Lily Pads.. The reason for that is the consistent amount of never ending fresh oxygen they provide for the water..Fresher and higher oxygen levels will often make the water far more desired regardless of the heat or clarity..Why do you think they like to drop a line near the edge of grass, Hydrilla and Lily Pads?..That's where the fish stay for fresher breaths of air...

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