Top Water Carp Fishing


Top water carp fishing tips

Carp fishing when they are feeding top-water is lots of fun, but you really need to be extremely quiet because if they (the Carp) have not been disturbed by any other anglers they will be very skittish and your approach may scare them off. The majority of the time, you are unable to cast far even into where they are feeding.

Some friends of mine that live in Louisiana and Texas shared their method with me and it does work most of the time:

You need a knife (I have used a hacksaw blade and it will cut some grooves very quickly), a dog biscuit and some superglue.

  1. Cut a groove in the dog biscuit just deep enough so the shank of the hook will lie in it and then superglue the hook to the biscuit; be prepared to wait at least five minutes for the super glue to dry. This will stay on for at least 30 minutes in the water of you do not have any bites.
  2. Set everything up with the dog biscuits, then put a round bobber, ¾” to 2” (these guys had spray painted theirs black and dark green).
  3. Then clip the bobbers on the line about 12” to 18” from the dog biscuit and gently toss it out into the water very quietly!

I modified mine and out fished them! I took an ‘old’ spherical cork bobber; the old kind that the line went through a small plug/keeper that when pushed into the cork bobber seemed to lock it all together and the line could move freely and then I tied on a bobber stop. These guys were kidding me about my skills at making such a ‘thing!’ I told them to sit back and watch!!! I out fished them 4 to 1!!!

A top water carp fishing story

I once experienced this situation while fishing the Lake of the Ozarks with college friend and he had a remote controlled bait boat that he used when he fished below Bagnell Dam for large Channel Catfish. He asked if it would work and I told him, “We will never know unless we do give it a try!”

We set-up everything up using one rod at a time and motored the remote controlled bait boat into the midst of where the Carp were feeding without any problems! The baited hook with the bread on it rolled off the rear of the remote controlled bait boat, I might add that this was pretty cool! The bait boat had moved about six feet from the floating bread and several ‘big’ Carp were investigating that morsel. Then the ‘big’ Carp took the bait, I did not have to worry about setting the hook as that ‘big’ boy slammed it and I do mean ‘slammed!!!’

My friend was still working at getting the bait boat back to our fishing boat and I was yelling instructions “Get the net!!!” “That bait boat can wait!” My friend replied, “You take care of YOUR FISH and I will take care of MY BAIT BOAT!” “MY BAIT BOAT IS WORTH MORE THAN THAT OLD CARP THAT YOU HAVE ON THE END OF Y-O-U-R L-I-N-E” and I could detect the sarcasm in his voice.

I wrestled this ‘mammoth’ away from the other top-water feeding Carp and did not scare them away. My friend was in NO HURRY to land my fish. He was ‘busy’ setting up the Bait Boat for his run and he did just that! He motored the bait boat back to where the ‘Big’ Carp were feeding, but he did not drop the bread bait off of the bait boat.

I was about to get the dip net and attempt to land the ‘behemoth’ that was on the end of my line when my friend snatched the dip net up and scooped the ‘BIG, BIG BOY’ out of the water and this humongous Carp tipped the scales at 21 pounds 3 ounces.

My friend said, “Now it is my turn!!!” I replied, “Okay!!!” He started the bait boat and made the turn and the bread bait fell into the water. He handed me the controller and told me how to operate it. I got the bait boat moving, but this time before the bait boat got less than three feet the water exploded and the fish was on!

I began to motor the bait boat further away from the action then the hooked Carp began following after the bait boat, so I sped the bait boat up and my friend got the gigantic golden-boy turned by adding a little pressure to the fish. My friend was screaming and yelling for me to hurry up and get the dip net and be ready because he could see that he had not hooked that monster very well and ‘oh’ was he pleading.

So, I began to think that it was time for payback as the bait boat had not made its way back to the fishing boat yet. Why, because someone (namely me) was taking his time to bring it back in. Hollering, jumping and nearly crying my friend was frantic, to say the least! Then the thought came to my mind, that I could have more fun if I could turn the bait boat around and buzz his fish and his line just to see what kind of a rise I could get out of him. He began ranting and raving like a mad man and I told him, “That he needed to settle down before he scared all of the fish away!” I really got a glaring look from him!

Well, after about 15 minutes of me enjoying the first-time operating a bait boat, I decided before he had a coronary that I had better dock the bait boat and assist him. We got his fish weighed and it was another nice Carp at 21 pounds and 2 ounces. We fished for another 40 minutes catching more ‘extra-large Carp’ and having a ‘fantastic’ time joking and kidding around with each other. I was enjoying the outing immensely when the last ‘Moby Carp’ that I hooked and my friend had the dip net in his hand and told me, “I am going to take care of this one for YOU!”

He placed the dip net into the water as the ‘ole’ Carp was pretty well played out since I had to wait for him to get done messing with the bait boat because we were about ready to leave and get cleaned up and take out wives out to supper. Now, as I said, my friend was finally ready to land ‘Moby Carp,’ with the dip net in the water as I pulling that ‘big, bad boy’ to the net. Then I saw a brief, instant glistening flash and my fishing r-o-d sprang like a tree branch and my fishing line went slack and I saw at least a 30 pound Carp, the grand-daddy of them all swimming away! My friend had whipped out his knife and cut my line and it sounded like a piano wire when he touched the blade to the line!

Now, I am thoroughly ticked and had noticed that he had already dropped his knife onto the floor of the fishing boat, so I decided that it was time to —- throw him overboard!!! Then to top ‘things’ off I started up the fishing boat, tossed out a boat cushion and out of the cove that we were fishing in around the point and slowed the motor down to where it would sound like I was getting further away from him.

I decided as I rounded the point that I would land the fishing boat on the backside of it so I pulled the fishing boat up on Ozark gravel rock shore and went across to the other side of the point that was adjacent to where we had been fishing and walked through the tree covered point so I could see him and there he was kicking and swimming with the boat cushion in front of him and he could not see me because of the trees. I watched him for awhile as he kicked, splashed leisurely and swam his way along and during our college days together he was on the swim team setting many records, etc.

I decided that I had better make my way back to the boat and retrieve him. Then when I rounded the point I could see a ‘broad, gleaming smile’ and once he pulled himself into the boat and got situated he said, “I knew that you would come back for me, all I had to do was wait!”

We got back to the resort where we were staying and we got cleaned up and took our wives to dinner as planned. Then during supper my friend told the girls his side of the experiences that had transpired during our fishing outing that day. Then I attempted to tell my side of the events, no one would believe me. So be it and still to this day no one can/will/could/would believe my side of the events.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: Another great story and good tips, thanks for sharing MoDoc! Have you ever fished with a remote controlled bait boat again? Which kind of fish is it good for?
  • MoDoc: Thank you!!! You all are welcome! I have but the outing was on a more serious note the last time. I fished below Bagnell Dam that hold back millions of gallons of water that forms the lake of the Ozarks and contains many species of freshwater fish! Bagnell Dam is a hydro-electric facility and if my memory serves me correctly that the electrical power that is produced is sent to Saint Louis, Missouri.
    Back to fishing — below the dam, you can fish along the discharge area, the spillway either from the delegated area as you have to be
    so many feet away from the dam, so I have found that running your boat up to the designated warning above over head warning cable and anchoring and the running the bait boat within a couple feet of the dam and turning the bait boat for the bait to be delivered. Most of the time before the bait boat gets manuvered back to the fishing boat you either have a bite, had a bite or have a ‘nice’ Catfish on. While fishing below the dam in the Spring, Summer and Fall I will generally have a fishing boat that has the bimini top or a patio umbrella that is securely attached to the fishing boat that provides shade from the hot Missouri sun! You need to be aware of you surroundings as anytime you are on or near the water.
    Lastly, when the Corp of Engineers sounds the alarm that they are making preparations to begin open the gates of dam. You need to get your gear pulled in and stowed and then head down the Osage River (primary river that was dammed up to create Lake of the Ozarks along with its corresponding tributaries) to the boat ramp and take you boat out. Even the fishermen and women gather up their fishing equipment and leave. Although, there are a few ‘die-hards’ that stay and catch a variety of different species of fish.
    Yes, I ended up buying a remote control boat and made some modifications to it as I did not want to lay out $480 for a bait boat and the modified one works nearly as well as the remote one for a lot less money $180.
    As far as what type of fish: General the ‘bigger’ Catfish will take up residence below in these areas by the dam wall and it can be difficult to cast that distance to the dam wall so the bait boat idea/method was devised. When you get the the warning area which will be marked distinctly and as I mentioned, generally there will be a cable overhead and if you look at the cable you will see a multitude of hooks, lines, and sinkers dangling and hanging from it from many of those either unsuspecting or those who were not familiar with their surroundings!
    In closing by fishing in this manner you will have a lot of sightseers, along with other fishermen/women watching you ‘taking care of business!’ This is a rather ‘unique’ way to fish and have so much fun!’ The only negative point that I would comment on concerning this idea/method of fishing is some days with other bait boats and boat fishermen/women things can get very congested with boat, bait boat traffic and fishing lines belonging to others. I have seen tempers flare and that does not create a very joyous time for anyone!

    May you all have a ‘wonderful’ and ‘blessed’ day!!!
    In His Service,
    MoDoc <,*)))))><
    Saint Joseph, MO
  • Vale: MoDoc maybe you can do another blog on how you modified a remote controlled boat to make it a bait boat? Sounds like a good idea!
  • MoDoc: Hello Vale and everyone,
    I trust that this comment finds you all are doing well and that you all are being ‘blessed!’ I am doing G-R-E-A-T!!!
    I could do that, although I have a few other ‘things’ to do before I would be able to any ‘blogs.’ I have a few projects outside that I need to get taken care of before ‘cold’ weather sets in; repair my truck (need to get the starter replaced which is something I can do), get my truck inspected so I can get it licensed, retrieve my air compression that I have on one of my building sites and bring it home and then I could be ready to begin writing some more ‘blogs.’
    Also, I have promised some of the Fishing Talks members plans for an Electric — Fishing Rod Wrapping Unit (like the one that I made several years ago); Bait Feeder Set-Up — for a blog that you [Vale] asked about from one of my posts, etc. Along with keeping up with my Doctor’s appointments and everything else. The ‘bait boat’ would be a very easy one to provide information for!
    Thank you Vale and everyone for your encouragement and requests for more blogs and information! Vale, ‘THANK YOU’ for ‘dressing’ my blogs up! I really do appreciate you for doing that!
    May you all have a ‘wonderful’ and ‘blessed’ day!!!
    In His Service,
    MoDoc <,*))))))><
    Saint Joseph, MO
  • Vale: Thanks MoDoc, I look forward to more of your blogs!
  • Chad B.: Sounds like that day you should have left your buddy there Modoc! If some one would cut my line like that while I’m fighting a monster fish it would be over board,see ya later pal,have fun swimming to the shore! looking forward to more of your blogs Modoc!

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