Striper Fishing In Winter Time 3/14

Craig in the middle and friends find fishing hot spot. Craig is the son of my high school fishing buddy Gene who was lost on the Erik over 2 years ago. I fish with him couple times a year, and always exchange fishing tips and pictures weekly, sometimes more.


It is is winter time in California and we are in a drought. Weather is like spring time and fishing is hot at Los Varquous this couple of week, if you know where to go. Craig showed me the rocks where the stripers were biting. He said to use anchovies with the head cut off and to use heavy equipment because there was so big stripers he lost.

I packed my saltwate rods and a couple of ultra lite rods. Baited the headless anchovies and tied it with Magic Thread. I was getting tiny bites with the saltwater outfits, but could not hook up. The bait would be eaten and only the bones of the anchovy would be left. With the heavy equipment it was hard to detect a bite. So we had all the anchovy heads on the cutting board. I took a head and put it on my ultra lite outfit with 4 lbs test line and size 12 treble trout hook. That’s when I started catching fish. I put my heavy gear away.

photo 4 - Copy (8).JPG

Denis is got his fish too. There is another boat in the back of the picture. It was going by and they saw us catching fish. They stopped and caught fish too.


We starting cutting the anchovy in half and did well. Craig went out again and caught 8 stripers and lost two. One of the one he lost broke his 17 lbs line. He also caught a largemouth. It kept swimming pass the boat, but would not take a lure. He tried anchovy and she took it.

Both fish below were 4 1/2 lbs. each.


First day of spring and fishing was slow, but we still caught one each.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: Looks like a good day fishing and weather-wise!
  • Kenji: Nice pictures, but please try and release the Largemouth, they are not planted. All I have to say is, the more LM Bass and to some extent the more Striped bass that are kept, the less they have of replenishing. The LM and Striper are not native species and they are not planted in any of the California lakes on a regular basis. Practice Catch and Release, these fish need all the breaks they can get!
  • Ron: Thanks for your concern. Most of the largemouth we catch are released. As far as largemouth not being planted, they were planted at this lake, and more were planted last year along with salmon and crappie. This is a fairly new reservoir. Construction started in 1999 and I started fishing there in 2003. This started as a 100,000 acre lake and was expanded to 160,000 acre feet a couple is years ago. Now there is talk to expand the lake again to 500,000 acre feet. Largemouth from Florida are planted there. The stripers were pumped in by accident from the Delta and have grown in large numbers now.

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