SOFI Portuguese Reel, Nickname: REBOCADOR 1965-1995


Hello, I would like to share these images of one of my Portuguese reels because there is very little information about them. The name SOFI is an abbreviation of SONAFI Sociedade Nacional de Fundiçao Injectada that was a company in Sao Mamede de Infesta in the north of Portugal. They made only a few models, I´m not sure how many, but I think 10 or 12. They were done by a particular engineer inside the company during off duty labor time that designed them (I don’t know the name of the designer though). I´m very fond of these reels not only because they were made in my country, but as you can see in the photos, they are very robust and last for many years .I disassembled this one to share with you and get an opinion about it. There is not a single plastic part, it has 3 ball bearings and all the gears are made of bronze. This reel lasts forever. If anyone has more information about the SOFI models, please share it here. I would like to learn more about them. Thanks.

IMG_20180211_150404-4tt6wub5pm.jpgIMG_20180211_150404-4tt6wub5pm.jpgIMG_20180211_150404-4tt6wub5pm.jpgSOFI PORTUGUESE REELS


This last photo is the Orvis 100 and inside looks about the same as the SOFI, Jim. Al got the photo moved, thanks Al.

Here are pictures of another SOFI reel, the K3.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • timmy:

    hi paulo, thank you very much for adding this blog on your sofi spinning reel. i especially like the torn down view you gave of the reel. it certainly looks to be a fine made reel, i think the first i have ever seen. i hope you will add some pictures of the reel fully assembled as well. looking forward to seeing more from you. Tim

  • TheReelDeal: I agree with what timmy said. Don’t believe I have seen a gearing mechanism just like that before. I like the metal parts (vs. plastic). Have not heard of Sofi before, but you can bet I’ll keep my eyes open for more info on this very interesting series of reels.
  • Reelcrazee: I third it! I have to think these reels would be very tough. And those ball bearings look really heavy duty! Thanks for posting Paulo.
  • dustyjoe: Paulo, I want to add my thanks to the other 3. I have an old Orvis 100 somewhere that is still apart and its gearing is very similar. They were made in Italy. I went to eBay and found a photo of one and since I’m a moderator and can’t post it here on comments, I’m going to put it at the bottom of you blog. If you don’t want it there, feel free to delete it. Jim
  • TheReelDeal: The more I look at the internals of this reel, the better it looks. I’m guessing 4 ball bearings–1 on either end of the cranking shaft, 1 on the front end of the pinion shaft and it looks like #4 at the back end of the pinion shaft inside the body, These are the 4 best places, in my view, to put ball bearings in a spinning reel. I see how the oscillation mechanism works and that also looks OK.
  • skip smith: Paulo, that reel is built like an army tank! I wonder how old it is?
    Thank you for sharing with us.

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