Salmon Fishing 8/28/17



Went for salmon fishing again this month. This time we trolled with frozen anchovies with 2 1/2 lbs lead. With these weights, a spring loaded sinker release is used. Every time you get a hard bite, or a fish, you lose the sinker. Sinker cost $7-$10 each. These sinker release takes 5-7 lbs pressure to release the sinkers.



Some used large flashers below the sinker release. Those that did I think caught more fish.


Hooks are large barbless circle hooks. Steel wire is twisted onto the hook. Wire is pushed through the anchovies starting from the tail and out of the head. Small nail is pushed through the head and held in placed with a small rubber band to help hold the anchovies in place. Swivel is attached to the wire. Wire is to give the anchovies more action.


When trolling, back of the boat is easier. You let the line out to what the crew tells you, 30′ - 65′.


Side of the boat the rods are pointed down, and fishermen are told to fish different depths to avoid tangles. We are fishing right of the coast of Daly City, you can see the houses in the background. Daly City is a 15 minutes drive from downtown San Francisco.


We troll at 2-3 mph. Boat nevers stops, even when fish is on. Stopping would result in tangled lines. When you get a bite, don’t touch your pole, don’t set your hook. Wait for sinker to release and watch your line come to the surface. Deckhand will walk your rod to the back of the boat where 90% of the fish are netted.

Keep your rod tip down facing the water and don’t stop reeling in. Rod is pointed toward the the water to prevent the fish from jumping and shaking off the barbless hook. When fish is ready to be netted, deckhand will tell you to lift up the tip of the rod so fish can be netted.

High school buddy Denis.


High school buddy Norman.




Fishing buddy EC, expert deepsea fisherman.




Humpback whale watching was a plus.




It was a good fishing day. 18 fishermen and 36 salmon.



Splitting the fish. Each fish is tagged with your assigned number.




Going home.








Went home and vacuumed packed the fish.

I did not get seasick. I tried Dramamine and took one at bedtime the night before, and half a pill in the morning. Felt good all day, but got really sleepy in the afternoon.


Much cheaper to buy the salmon at Costco.


Look at color of farm raised salmon @ $8.99 a lbs verses wild caught salmon @ $14.99 a lbs at Spout. Farm raised salmon has color added, but still pale compared to wild caught salmon. Salmon we caught were this dark red.


So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: Looks like another great, but chilly day! Thanks for explaining how the rods and lines are set up so they don’t tangle!
  • Ron: Thanks Vale. This is what San Francisco summer weather.
  • Huckster37:

    $7-$10 per fish just for the lead, WOW. In my younger days I would snag Spoon Bill below KY dam. I made my own 8oz sinkers that cost me nothing. I lost a lot of those along with my 12/0 treble hooks that I did pay for, it upset me every time. I can’t imagine having to give up a $10 sinker every time I hooked a fish. If does look like fun, I’m glad you found the right remedy for your sea sickness Ron.

    Thanks for the pictorial fishing lesson, I almost feel like I could go out there and catch fish without any further instructions.

  • Ron: Thank Dennis. So much to learn since the last time I trolled for salmon years ago.
    Most regulars pour their own sinkers. I think boat charged $7 per sinker. My friend EC pours his own sinkers and provided sinkers for use. Not cheap to go on these boat. Fee is $110 for a day of fishing on the boat.
    People were catching salmon all around me. One caught four, one caught six, and other caught two and lost thee near me. I got my one and fish at end of day. Some two weeks ago.
  • kentuckystorm: Looks like an awesome time Ron, congrats on those catches. You guys did well!
  • wcook: I will have the wild Salmon every time. I lived in Tacoma Wa. For awhile and really fall in love with the smoked fish the native American’s sold from road side stands.
  • wcook: You are right about the cost a but U always fished for the fun of it and we both know that we will never get back what our gear cost in money a just as money can never replace the joy had fishing. At least to me.
  • Ron:

    So right you are. The thrill of the catch and a chance to use the equipment we collected over the years is priceless. 🤗🤣😅

    😋 smoked salmon 😋

  • wcook: It is also fun when a Game Warden ask to look at your gear because he has never seen it before. I’ve had that happen a couple of times. I’m old enough to have a life time licence, so never been bothered with that question. Anyone else been ask about any odd gear?
  • Ron: While on the last charters, I had a comment from the deckhand that he like the added power handle on my Senator 4/0.
    On the last charter I was reeling in a salmon on an old Penn 49. Deckhard saw it would take forever to reel in the fish with that slow reel. I think it had a 2.5 to 1 ratio. Newer reels are 5-6.2 to 1 ratio.
  • wcook: Nice to know that we can still use what many people may never see or understand why we do use them. To many it has to be the latest thing out.
  • wcook: I went out for a bit today and used a Johnson 100B and a Zebco 33 and a Dawia mini-cast2 . Hope to be up to going out tomorrow. If so I’m thinking of trying a True Temper 63R and maybe a Johnson 725 Not sure yet just what I will use, always fun to be able to switch gear.

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