June 2014 Striper Fishing At Los Vaquerous.

Striper fishing slowed down this month compared to the month before. High winds were the norm and boat rentals were stopped on many days because of high winds. Shore fishing still produced some fish, as well as when we were able to rent a boat.






There are big fish in the lake.



Nice fish in the bay too.


So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: Looks like you still did well, despite the winds! Is that fish in the fourth picture pregnant or just has a full stomach?
  • Ron:

    I think just fat. All the catfish are really fat here. Reminds me of a story. Friend of mine used to fly quite a bit on business. He got on the plane and sat next to this lady who looked like she was expecting. He asked her when she was due. She was indigent, and said, “Pardon Me!”. She was not expecting, just heavy. It was a very, very long and uncomfortable fight.

    Not another word was said the entire flight. 

  • Vale: Hahaha, that’s terrible!

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