An expanded history of the johnson reel
How many of you have ever used a Johnson reel? I know for many people their fishing adventures started with one of the many models produced by the Johnson reel company. Loyd Johnson introduced the ...
by timmy
Johnson Reels Replacement Parts Catalogs
I have acquired 3 different "Johnson Reels Replacement Parts Catalogs" and a "Cross Reference - New Number to Old Number" I think but I'm not sure that I'm listing them oldest to newest. ...
by Huckster37
Early History of Johnson Reels
The first commercial Spin-Cast reels were created in 1949 by Denison Johnson Inc. and ZEBCO Zero Hour Bomb Company. Henry Denison and Lloyd Johnson of Denison Johnson Inc. in Mankato, Mn. invented ...
by flyguy
Johnson Century 100
On December 6, 1955, Henry Denison and Lloyd Johnson filed a patent application for a fishing reel they invented that would make history in the fishing reel industry, the Johnson Century Model ...
by flyguy
How old is my Johnson Century 100B
I have some old reels and want to find ou how old they are. What are they worth?
by Rick
Where can I find a push button for a Johnson century 100b reel? Part #136
Where can I find a push button for a Johnson century 100b reel? Part #136
by Guest
What is so special about the Johnson 100 B Revelation?
In response to Chad B's question: What is special about the Johnson 100 B Revelation; outside of the red chrome paint job it sports, to me it looks just like another 100 B! Were they made in ...
by timmy
The Johnson Century 100, 100-A, 100A, and 100B
Above are the 2 Johnson Century 100's that I have. They both had the drag parts off of them and were in a Johnson parts box. The one on the left is the oldest, I think, and still has the drag parts ...
by dustyjoe
Johnson Fiskar I underspin
The Johnson Fiskar 1 511 and Fiskar 2 512 may well have been among the pioneer "underspin" reels offered to the fishing public. These reels were marketed by Johnson Fishing from 1965 to 1971. ...
by skip smith
Johnson Tangle Free 10
I have access to some color catalogs so I clipped all the information I could find and I also have added the schematics for each version. The Tangle Free had three different versions. I'll cover ...
by Huckster37
Does anyone know when the Johnson Century Model 100b was mad...
Does anyone know when the Johnson Century Model 100b was made?
by Guest
Johnson Century Model 135
The Johnson Century is one of the most iconic American made spin-cast reels ever produced. There is just something truly special about the reel that has appealed to generations of fishermen ...
by timmy
Johnson century reels
I have a johnson century 100A closed spincast reel that my dad had for as long as I can remember, and it still works great, but my question is what is the difference between the 100A and the 100B ?
by Greg S.
The first "Johnson" Princess
The First "Johnson" Princess The very nice large image at the very top was added with my permission. The Image directly above is the focal point of this blog. It is the first Century Model 100 ...
Vintage Rare Johnson Reels for sale
I posted this last year--have drastically reduced the prices if anyone is interested. I used to work at the old Johnson Reel Factory in Mankato Minnesota while attending college in the late 1960's ...
by chschschs
Johnson Sabra - Model 130 B
It was 1978, if I recall correctly, I was standing with my stepfather in his garage that day when, I noticed 2 beautiful large green reels mounted on rods standing in the corner. I was instantly ...
by timmy
I have a Johnson reel "The Citation" 110 A. What year was it...
I have a Johnson reel "The Citation" 110 A. What year was it manufactured? It's an excellent reel. It was left to me when my cousin died.
by Guest
50 year old new johnson Reels for sale.
I used to work at the original Johnson Reel Factory in Mankato Minnesota when I was attending college there. I am going to be selling some reels that are new, some still in the original boxes, all ...
by Glen O'Connor
The other Johnson reel company
Most of us are very familiar with the many fishing products produced by the Johnson reel company of Mankato MN, but did you know that there was another Johnson reel company? Yes, starting in the ...
by timmy
Johnson Century Model 100-A
I have a Johnson Century Model 100-A closed face spincast reel & fibreglass rod which is in perfect condition that my landlord gave me. When was this rod & reel combo made & what would it be worth ? ...
Fixing my Johnson Fiskar I Reel
Here is a Johnson Fiskar I reel that I bought online a couple months ago. The plastic ears that hold the screw that the casting hook pivots on were broken and all the force of pulling the ...
by JoeCool
I have a Johnson Model 80 and would like to know value and a...
I have a Johnson Model 80 and would like to know value and age?
by Guest
Johnson 200b & 200bg
The Johnson 200b & 200bg fishing reel, after reading the negative reviews & talking to Timmy & Gene here on Fishing Talks, I couldn't help myself, I had to see what made these so called ...
by Chad B.
The Johnson Country Mile 6,10,15&20 Years 1988 to 1993
Well folks I guess this blog should better explain the Country mile 6 thru 20 models, both versions, I wanted to post this on Saluki's thread pertaining to the integrity and reliability of the ...
by Chad B.
The Dennison-Johnson Model 10 A
There has been much discussion here over the last few years concerning the early sidewinder reels as well as early spin-cast type of reels. In the late 1940's, there were a number of up and coming ...
by timmy
Spring cleaning and painting that Johnson Reel
Spring cleaning & painting that Johnson Reel Yes, yes, it's that time of the year. It has been 40 years and it's about time to clean up that fishing reel. Will not go over how that it is done. ...
by thfisher
Johnson Laker reels
What can I say about the Laker models? Well, I will start by saying that dustyjoe has made some very good observations: I'm mainly a Zebco fan but collect anything and have 8 Lakers although ...
by timmy
Johnson Century 100B owners Manual
does anyone have a pdf or know where I can get a manual for My 100B?:)
by dan4943
What test line should i use on a johnson century fishing reel model 100b
what test line should i use on a johnson century fishing reel model 100b
by Guest
Johnson Century 225 vs Century Pro 345
I recently aquired a couple Century Pro 345's. I thought I would compare them to a Century 225.
by Huckster37
Fixing up a Johnson c200b deluxe, c200b, c300bg, or country mile 100
On those c200b deluxe, c200b, c300bg, or even the new country mile 100, take the reels apart and throw those old bearings and oil-impregnated bushings away. Those parts are of very poor quality. ...
by Chad B.
I have 2, Johnson Century 45th Anniversary Edition reels (cl...
i have 2, Johnson Century 45th Anniversary Edition reels (closed faced) no model number on them and i would like to know if anyone knows or can tell me anything about them like when they were made ...
by Guest
How to reline a Johnson reel
To reline your Johnson 110B, mount the reel on the rod you're going to use it on. Remove the green front cover; use a screwdriver to remove the rotor nut and pull the silver rotor off of the ...
by skip smith
I have a Johnson Citation model 110 b that belonged to my Grandma I don't k...
I have a Johnson Citation model 110 b that belonged to my Grandma I don't know how old it is but I recently found it at my Dad's with some new line & grease it works like brand new
by Guest
My First Johnson Reel - 100B - Thank You Skip
Thank you Skip for my first Johnson reel. Skip remembered a few months back that I wrote that I had never owned or tried a spincast reel, and if I come across a Johnson reel at a reasonable price, I ...
by Ron
I have a Johnson century 100 A reel what is it worth
I have a Johnson century 100 A reel what is it worth
by Guest
Johnson Century Lite 125 Two Different Styles
I just bought 2 Century Lite 125's, one of them has a stick on paper decal on the side and above the push button a black plastic Johnson Graphite label, the other has a plastic stick on bubble type ...
by Huckster37
1940's School Bus Reel's-Johnson Jackpot!
Sorry this took so long folks! But, here they are! 3- 100's with the buttons on the side plate, 3 100B's that are dismantled and all parts are present! I plan to restore at least one of those ...
by Chad B.
Johnson's dual drag system Explained
we get lots of inquiries as to how johnsons double drag system works, hopefully this post will answer that question. The internal drag adjustment is a hex nut on the drive shaft in between the ...
by timmy
Johnson Guide 155
Here is a picture of the internal drag parts lined up and named with part number. I did this to ensure I get it back together right, the parts catalog helps with the order of things, but a real ...
by Huckster37

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