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Had a request to post information I had from a Garcia publication on their rods as offered for 1975. This would included Conolon (indeed, all of these rods, with the possible exception of the Pak rods and a couple of saltwater models, are marked “Conolon” right on the rod). Many inquiries about these rods, so I’m hoping this will provide a research source.
















So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • dustyjoe: Nice catalog TRD, thanks for posting it. Back in the late 80s, a friend of mine steered me to a deal where an 8 foot pick up bed full of new fishing tackle for $50.00. A large tackle box full; about a dozen used reels; 3 drawer units full of guides, tip-tops, and ferules; about 10 cigar boxes full of Mitchell parts; about 8 Zebco parts kits; and about 18 replacement tip sections for burgundy Garcia rods of all sizes.
    The story I got from the lady was that her ex-husband had bought a boat from a going out of business bait shop near New Orleans and when he went to pick if up, the owner had thrown all this stuff in the boat. It had been in the loft of an old barn for years and she just wanted to get rid of it and I was the lucky one to get it. I still have all those tips as I have never found an occasion to use one. Jim
  • TheReelDeal: That’s a lot of stuff, Jim, for $50, even 35 years ago. Surprised the tips never found a home; I do some rod repair & the tips always seem to take a beating; got a Shimano & a Mitchell, both with 3-6" of tip gone & working on a Daiwa ultralight now where the whole tip got busted up & chucked, but I found a replacement of the right length & ferrule size (luck) & even the color matches fairly well–just gotta redo the guides.
  • Vale: Thanks for taking the time to post this!

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