FT.Com Fishing “ROD” Identification Request Instructions

This an Instruction template for Identifying a Fishing rod and will work for most types of rods and materials. All of the information requested can help in valuing your rod but we do not like to support valuations.

Take the rod to be identified out of any case or bag, so we can see the number of rod pieces (also called blanks) with the rod. Measure each section from end to end and note them in your description.

Notate any serial numbers or markings on the rod and write them down. Take close-ups of any partial decals, or bits of script that exist and describe them. Also note the direction of any full or partial scripting that is stamped, or hand written. i.e. towards the tip or towards the butt.

Next examine all metallic hardware for stampings or engravings. Those will usually be found on the reel seats or the butt caps. Also describe the grip and foregrip material.

Note: using a good magnifying glass will definitely help both of us in checking the integrity of the material. Look for any cracks, slices or breaks in the rod blanks. Look for any color discrepancies on the rod ends, as this may indicate prior breaks and repairs with epoxies or glues.

Note any names on the rod. Look for such names as Heddon, Granger, Horrocks-Ibbotson, Bellinger, Dickerson, Devine, Young, Phillipson, Payne, Thomas, Leonard and Hardy, Abbey, South Bend, Imbrie and Abercrombie and Fitch. These are bamboo rod makers from years past and indicate a valid and authentic bamboo rod. Photo any names or serial numbers with the digital camera.

Attach the notated information, and any pictures you took of the rod, when you ask your question.

Remember, Take all pictures on the macro setting when possible

Please leave comments if I missed anything important

Image by lunker boy

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  • skip smith: Good tutorial on rod ID’s, Al!
  • Vale: Good information, hopefully this helps people when posting here for the first time! Since newbies don’t usually see these blogs right away, hopefully everyone will post a link to this and to Dustyjoe’s blog so that people know what is needed in order to get a good answer here!
  • timmy: very well done Al ! this blog goes along with the " how to get your question answered" blog that jim wrote awhile back. now when i see someone say - uhm i got this rod it’s 8ft and says true temper on it. whats it worth ? i can simply provide a link to this blog as my answer...

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