Do you use specific bait for windy days? I know the fish beh...

Do you use specific bait for windy days? I know the fish behave a little differently and swim in higher in the water, so I was wondering if you would choose your bait accordingly?

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7 years ago #2
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In the past on windy days we used the same bait for Trout as any other day,however we tried to avoid fishing in the wind as it is can become uncomfortable & hard to cast,the best way was to find somewhere sheltered.

6 years ago #3

When fishing in the wind, people would say find shelter but actually studies show that you could be hurting your fishing trip. Now I am reffering to bass fishing you need to find a point at witch the wind is blowimg into it. This is where the bait fish swim to. So you will need be there. Thin I recommend a small size crank bait. And your water needs to be 8 ft deep, and need to fish the crank bait at about 3 to 4 feet. I hope this helps and good luck. They will bite slow but they bight big...

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5 years ago #4
Bassin Bob

If around the spawn then find protected water. Bass spawn in calmer water.
For baits go with a spinnerbait or larger crankbaits. Bigger rattle traps like 3/4
& up. The bigger bait is easy to see.
Hope this helps

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5 years ago #5
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I avoid fishing in high winds and bad weather. As I get older, I have become a fair weather fisherman. I have had luck fishing in the rain, but not when it is gusting.

The local lake is known for high wiinds, and there are windmills there. There were times we go out when the weather is calm, but the wind kicks up in the afternoon. We go to sheltered coves to fish when the wind kicks up. Returning to the dock, we have been soaked to the bone because of the whitecaps and water going over the bow of the boat. It is just to dangerous to fish in high winds.

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3 years ago #6
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I rarely have good luck in heavy winds. When the rain is falling, that is a different story. 20+ winds are usually out my range. 0-15 normally makes fish move more.

2 years ago #7

I'm from Kansas so if I don't fish on windy days, I wouldn't do much fishing.😁

I fish primarily for Largemouth bass so I use lures that are compact and dense, Kastmaster spoons, Panther Martin spinners, 1/2 to 3/4 oz. jigs, tailspinners (Little George and the like) lipless crankbaits, etc. I also fish a lot of Texas rigged soft plastics with a heavier than normal sinker (1/4 to 3/4 oz.) to maintain contact with the bottom.

Fish do tend to be shallower when it's windy because the chop on the surface allows for less light penetration. Sometimes a topwater buzzbait is a killer.


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