December 2014 Striper Fishing At Los Vaqueros Reservoir In California.

Craig and four friends caught 5 limits of stripers the first Sunday, this December 8. All were caught with cut anchovies.


Autumn is the best time to fish Los Vaqueros. The winds have subsided, weather is cooler. Stripers are more active and are chasing shad on the surface and hitting top water lures. Trout are also active and trout plants are frequent.

Los Vaqueros is 71% full. The lake was expanded about 3 years ago. Many reservoirs in California are at 31% because of the worst drought here in 1,800 years. Tree rings of very old trees were reviewed to determine this. As I write this blog, the biggest storm in 16 years is hitting California on December 11, Thursday. The fishing shows that I saw on TV said with big incoming storms, fish will actively feed. The picture above taken on Sunday sure confirmed this.

It was really calm before the storm Thursday, so I went striper fishing on Wednesday, the day and hours before the storm. Fishing was very good.

Foggy that day, but no wind.



Denis was catching fish right away and soon had his limit. He caught many shakers too, undersized stripers. Stripers must be 18″ and limit of two.

I was using my heavy saltwater outfits with 30 lbs braid. My Shimano outfit was on a 8′ rod, and the Penn was on a 9′ rod. I was getting bites, but no fish, not even a shaker. I had brought out the heavy equipment because we were fishing in over 100′ of water.



I put away my heavy equipment and took out my largemouth equipment with 10 lbs braid with 6′8″ St Croix rod and my micro lite Mitchell Zero Gravity trout outfit with 6 lbs mono. Right away I started getting fish. I wasn’t fishing as deep, but deep enough for the air bladders of the fish to be inflated when the fish was brought up.

Normally, I would put on safety line on rods. Got lazy.


Here I hooked up on my micro lite rod. The rod tip is about the thickness of a dime.




Micro lite had a 3/8 oz barrel sinker on and I added a 1 oz sinker. This is really too much sinker weight for this rod.



We fished for half a day and hooked 7 keepers. We left at 1 pm to get ready for the storm. I took one of my fish to a restaurant to steam. My friends said it was one of the best they have ever tasted. This fish feed five with other dishes.


Here is more information on micro lite rods.

Craig and friends went out the following week, December 11th and did well again. Another storm is moving in soon.

Stripers caught using squid.


Largemouth caught on Kastmaster.


Trout out caught on Berkeley Power Eggs with Berkeley Mice Tails, and Kastmasters.


So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: Looks like you guys had another successful day fishing! How many people can one of those stripers feed?
  • Ron:

    This was a small 18″ striper and there were five of us. We have lots of other food.  Fish was picked clean. 

    We always eat good, with or without fish.  

  • Vale: Ok, I was wondering about the size :)
  • Chad B.: Very nice Ron! Its looks like you guys really got into them! I’ll bet it was a blast! Looked like they where good eating also! Now your giving me the itch to go fishing! Nice picture on top with your boy holding up the days catch! AWESOME! How bad was the storm once it finally moved in? Get hit pretty hard?
  • Ron: That is Craig, son of Gene my fishing buddy from high school. Gene was lost on the Erik in Baja 3 years ago.
    This storm is big, hitting several states. Wide spread flooding and high winds in higher elevations. Started raining early this morning about 2 am and 8 pm now and still coming down. I am ready to go fishing again. Thinking how to rig up next time and what outfit to bring.
  • Ron: Craig went out again today and did great. Another storm is moving in.
  • Chad B.: Very nice catch craig has here ron! You are making me hungry for fish again! Did craig&the boys at least share this time around! Them trout are awesome eating especially smoked. Got an uncle that has buddies that trout fish spring&fall up north of Denver Colorado,always seems to bring us Elk goodies & smoked trout when they come for pheasant hunts in the late fall! Awesome eating and then some!
  • Ron: We will have to get our own.

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