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Garcia Rod info 1975 by TheReelDeal
Had a request to post information I had from a Garcia publication on their rods as offered for 1975. This would included Conolon (indeed, all of these rods, with the possible exception of the Pak rods and a couple of saltwater models, are marked ...
Berkley pack rod by TheReelDeal
There has been some recent discussion on this site about telescoping rods. Older discussion about the same, as well as the telescoping rod cousin, the pack rod. Here is a Berkley pack rod that some may find interesting. Vintage is 1980 give or ...
Fenwick Rod Catalog 1982 by TheReelDeal

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Lots of great baitcasters out there. Just go to a sporting goods store and check them out. Most of mine are Shimano Curados and for bass.
by Ron - 4 hours ago
vintage zebco 101 combo 1960s vintWondered if you had one. please let me know.age zebco 101 combo 1960s
by Guest - 4 hours ago
Another thing on the 400 is that it usually has a "torpedo" style handle, whereas the 300 usually, but not always, had the typical "finger pad" type handle. TRD
by TheReelDeal - 6 hours ago
The 304, per the Mitchell Reel Musuem, was made from the early 1950s to the early 1970s in a quantity approaching 3 million. As with any old reel, condition is important, along with the ...
by TheReelDeal - 6 hours ago
It just dawned on me, the rods disappeared in the days before eBay, so that wouldn't have been a possibility. Oh well.
by George Albany - 9 hours ago
Unit is in excellent condition. Comes with transducer, ASGR 50 antenna and mount (power cable not included). $200 obo + USPS Priority shipping Paypal accepted Message me with any questions ...
by Bluegill88 - 9 hours ago
Your welcome. What are you going to fish for?
by Ron - 12 hours ago

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