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Some Little Boys Just Have to Fish by George Albany
Carson lived around the corner and was George's good friend, While not inseparable, they spent many hours together. As a little boy, George spent many afternoons fishing with me, so it was only natural that Carson would develop an interest in ...
SOFI Portuguese Reel, nickname: REBOCADOR 1965-1995 by PAULO CAEIRO
Hello, I would like to share these images of one of my Portuguese reels because there is very little information about them. The name SOFI is an abbreviation of SONAFI Sociedade Nacional de Fundiçao Injectada that was a company in Sao ...

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Tim, I wonder if you have a 45th Anniversary body there? I can attest that they have a plastic spool hub, b/c I bought one. The hub was broken off at the front side of the body. The ...
by skip smith - 1 hour ago
Here is what I would do. I would get a big Zip lock bag and fill it with the water from the tank that the fish is used to, with the fish inside the bag. Then sit the bag in the water that ...
by Reelcrazee - 3 hours ago
Do you still have any of the smaller minicast reel handles?, and if so, what are you asking for one. Thank you, Jeff.
by Guest - 6 hours ago
After some eye straining at your pictures, I identified a small green/greenish blue plug in thebutt section. This is typical of Combo rods made in Japan. There is not a lot of cross ...
by OCAUTO - 6 hours ago
I believe that you may have an OLympic model 82 which would have been made in Japan.
by OCAUTO - 8 hours ago
Great story! I enjoyed reading it, I hope you continue to share more!
by Vale - 10 hours ago
That's the best one I've ever seen Tim.
by Huckster37 - 13 hours ago

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