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Monofilament, Flurorcarbon, and Braided Lines Compared
photo 4.jpg
Some on my earliest memory of fishing is the drying of the fishing line after fishing. My great uncle and uncle used the old nylon Dacron line in the late 40's. Line had to be dried, or your line ...
by Ron
Shakespeare Reel Date Codes
Shakespeare reel date codes By Flyguy How old is my Shakespeare reel and what is it worth? I think this is one of the more common questions asked here at Fishing Talks. Well, today I am going to ...
by flyguy
True Temper Rods
CBy Flyguy The True Temper story started back in 1808, when a blacksmith named Alexander Miller ran a small company called the Old Stone Shop. He made axes, h oes, nails and anything else that ...
by flyguy
Striper Lures That Really Work
When stripers go on a feeding frenzy, the water is boiling, and birds are diving into the water after bait fish. At this time, stripers can be caught on almost any type of lures. Fishing ...
by Ron
Instructions on how to get your question answered more satisfactorily
2nd Phone Card 4-25-16 223.jpg
Please take the time to read these suggestions Details: As a Top Contributor and Moderator on this site, I try my best to answer questions, but without detailed ...
by dustyjoe
why not the spincast ?
I was recently reading a popular outdoor sporting magazine. In this latest issue, a full review was made of the latest and greatest reels money could buy. There must have been at least 10 different ...
by timmy
Zebco Spinning Reels 1962 to Mid 1980s
' How it All Began Zebco wanted to get in on the spinning reel craze so in 1962 they bought the Langley Corporation of San Diego, California. As I understand it, they bought the patents, the ...
by dustyjoe
Bronson Reel Company
As I look back at all of the questions asked here at Fishing Talks, it is amazing at how many of them in some way reflect back on the Bronson Reel Company. I am sure it's not by coincidence alone, ...
by flyguy
Using Fish Stringers
Catch and release fishermen need not be concerned about carrying a fish stringer for their fish. To those want to keep their fish, there are many ways of keeping your fish. You have a wide choice ...
by Ron
The Right Reel Lubricants
The right lubricants you may ask to use while servicing your fishing reels, here are some of the Lubricants I've used through the years and have not experienced problems, serviced a lot of reels ...
by Chad B.
The Zebco Models 76 to the 101
Zebco 77, 88, 89, 99, & 101 007.jpg
The Model 77 Jr. was a reel built into the handle of the rod for a one piece combo. It came out in 1959, sold initially for $7.95, and was a success. Dick Braun says that they found out that the ...
by dustyjoe
( Nothing up your sleeve) It may be a Bristol Steel Rod
As a resident of Connecticut myself, The Horton Manufacturing Company from Bristol, Connecticut has always been an interest to me. In the 1880's, a fishing mogul named Everett Horton invented ...
by Philip Anctil
The History of the Zebco 202
L to R : 2 each of Type 4, Type 5, Type 6, and Type 7. They all look alike until you open them up. The 202 was first introduced in 1961 as the Zee Bee 202. It's big brother, the Zee Bee 404 ...
by dustyjoe
What is so special about the Johnson 100 B Revelation?
In response to Chad B's question: What is special about the Johnson 100 B Revelation; outside of the red chrome paint job it sports, to me it looks just like another 100 B! Were they made in ...
by timmy
Have You Ever Seen Clickers On Spinning reels?
photo 2 - Copy (6).JPG
Does anyone make a spinning reel with a clicker? My initial question was "Why are there not clickers installed on spinning reels". Writing this blog, I think I can answer my own question. ...
by Ron
Langley Co. reels
Langley 900 Cast-Flo Demonstrator 002.jpg
The Langley Co. made aluminum aircraft parts during WWII and used that knowledge to make very fine light weight fishing reels from 1948 to 1962 when they were bought by Zebco. Zebco continued to ...
by dustyjoe
The Pocket Fisherman, Instant Fishermen, Fishing Machine & a Berkley 308 on a Folding Rod
St. Croix Fishing Machine & Instant Fisherman 013.jpg
How many remember the St. Croix Fishing Machine, The Ronco Pocket Fisherman that Ron Popeil advertised on TV, or the Instant Fisherman which has a new improved model out ? I have (4) St Croix; (3) ...
by dustyjoe
How To Remove Hooks From Deeply Hooked Fish - Use A Hook Extractor
photo c2.jpg
Any of us who have fished awhile have caught deeply hooked fish. For the catch and release fishermen, the safest way to release the fish is to cut the line near the hook and release the fish. If ...
by Ron
Fishing With Gary Yamamoto Senkos for Largemouth, Smallmouth, Striper, & Salmon
a4x 7.03 lbs.jpg
Both caught on Senkos. Fishing With Senkos is one of the most effective baits I have every used for Largemouth Bass. I fish it weightless and weedless. I sometimes place a ...
by Ron
An expanded history of the johnson reel
How many of you have ever used a Johnson reel? I know for many people their fishing adventures started with one of the many models produced by the Johnson reel company. Loyd Johnson introduced the ...
by timmy
Berkley Fish N Fold II with Folding Rod and a Johnson trade reel
Picked up this all in one rod and reel fold down portable combo around the middle of April 2016. I had never seen or heard of these outfits before. Doing a little digging online I found some of these ...
by Alpenflage
When it comes to finding information on fishing equipment, there is no better place than right here on The collective members have written many very informative articles on rods, ...
by timmy
Which Stripers Taste Better? Saltwater or Freshwater Caught?
Stripers are anadromous, like salmon. They naturally spend their adult lives in saltwater and spawn in freshwater. They can adapt to live in freshwater and can even breed in fresh water, if ...
by Ron
Some Shakespeare Owner's Manuals
Shakespeare Papers 017.jpg
I have several boxed Shakespeare reels with the owner's manuals, so I thought I'd share them with you guys. I will post some today that I have already photographed and more later. Jim Here are the ...
by dustyjoe
The Zebco One
Today 4-23-16 004.jpg
Here are Links to the Other 2 Reels in This Series ...
by dustyjoe
Easy Way To Catch Trout - Use Berkley Power Eggs with Garlic - 2/11/13
Here is an easy way to catch trout from shore or from a boat. While nothing works infor catching fish every time, the following bait will increase your chances of catching trout. Use Berkley ...
by Ron
The Big Boys, the Zebco 808 & 888
The 808 & 888 have been used for years for Catfish and also for Bow Fishing. They have very large Stainless Steel Gears and will handle large line. The 808 has a Drag Wheel that pulls on a spring ...
by dustyjoe
New website for vintage reel parts and a must have.
Hello everyone. New Fishingtalks. I am the owner of a new website targeting vintage fishing reels and reel part. The site is Rods1. the URL is I have only had this up and running ...
by Biged239
Johnson Century 100
On December 6, 1955, Henry Denison and Lloyd Johnson filed a patent application for a fishing reel they invented that would make history in the fishing reel industry, the Johnson Century Model ...
by flyguy
The Spinit Reel Co. Reels
Spinit 200 93.JPG
Update: Yesterday, 9/9/16, Danny Wolf sent me some photos of Spinit models and Zebco trade reel made using Spinit molds that they acquired after the law suit. They are the Spinit 200, Spinit XL 500, ...
by dustyjoe
What can a 20lb test line catch and until how much force would it break?
Fishing Talks receives this question often and there are many variables that figure into this as far as an answer: 1) What type of fishing rod you are planning on using? a. The length of the ...
by MoDoc
One Way To Help Judge Fishing Rods - Look At The Handle
photo 8.JPG
Your rod handles need to have a comfortable and lightweight handle with sufficient grip, even when it's wet. It should transmit the delicate vibrations of a fish taking your worm or bait. That is ...
by Ron
Hendryx fishing reels
Credit for this post goes to Roger Caldwell. This is what I have found out about the Hendryx fishing reels. Andrew B. Hendryx originally made bird cages. He liked fishing so he invented a ...
by Vale
proper disposal of monofilament line
What do you do with that tangle of monofilament line you just took off your favorite reel? This was a question that I never asked myself until recent years. I would un-spool my reel and throw the ...
by timmy
Buying and Selling or Used Fishing Equipment Online?
New or Used: When buying fishing equipment, I buy new and experienced equipment. Buying new or used equipment is a personal choice. I buy used equipment when I don't want to pay full price on ...
by Ron
Johnson Century Model 135
The Johnson Century is one of the most iconic American made spin-cast reels ever produced. There is just something truly special about the reel that has appealed to generations of fishermen ...
by timmy
Johnson Reels Replacement Parts Catalogs
Front Cover.jpg
I have acquired 3 different "Johnson Reels Replacement Parts Catalogs" and a "Cross Reference - New Number to Old Number" I think but I'm not sure that I'm listing them oldest to newest. ...
by Huckster37
Shakespeare 1774 WonderCast Spincast Reel FC year code Directions & Pictures to take apart, ...
How to take apart, clean, and service the typical Shakespeare 1774 Spincast reel. Step by step directions & pictures. Plus some extra info about basic function and different versions. I'm not ...
by Alpenflage
The Zebco 44, a 33 converted to a trigger spin
Zebco 44 001.jpg
The Zebco Model 44 is a converted 33. What are the differences between the Model 44 and the Model 33? The model 44 body had a wider Crank Shaft mount cast into it because it has 2 shafts. The Crank ...
by dustyjoe
Tips for deciding which size and color hook to use
Homework fly
Size Small strong hooks can catch very big fish and small fish. Big hooks can catch very big fish, but cannot hook small fish. I prefer to use a smaller, stronger hook and catch both small and ...
by Ron

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