My Old Reels - Info. & Parts Wanted For Some, Some To Trade?

(Updated 7/27/2017)


Hi, All!

“My Old Reels” is going to be a sort of work in progress that I will add to as I can. Basically, I will “list” some reels I have accumulated that I do not fish with for one reason or another. A couple are from my grandfather, and therefor fairly old. The rest are from various sources over the years. Some need repairs, and some of those may be best to find a home for with someone here, as parts reels. Others I’d like to fish with, if they are reasonably repairable. Some I would like information (specs) for. If any have interesting history (etc.), please add your comments!

My initial attempt at this post ”blew up” (came back with an error message) and I lost everything I had posted, so, what you see here now is just a “placeholder” that I will try to add to soon, and repeatedly.

Reel #1: Penn-Peer No. 109 (pictured above)

The spool seems to be a little loose in the body and has some “chatter” when casting, limiting casting distance. The seems to be a nice reel with some “heft”, so it would be nice to know if it can be repaired, and what the specs on it are.







Reel #2: Shakespeare Ugly Cast


This was the reel I bought as part of an Ugly Cast rod ‘n reel combo back when I got got back into fishing, several years ago. It served me very well, and I like the reel quite a bit, for a moderately inexpensive Chinese reel! Most of the drive train seems to still be ok, but, unfortunately, both pickup pins have grooves worn in them: These pins seem to be the weak point of the reel. The grooves are all the way around the pins, as I discovered I could rotate the pins to a fresh “section” of pin, which worked maybe twice... The spool cover (rotor?) is also getting somewhat corroded, so my one time thought of being able to replace the pins only is shot - I probably need a new rotor assembly. Would anyone here happen to have one?




Reel #3: Great Lakes (no model number on reel)


This one is more dirty on the outside (sort of greasy + dirt) than corroded. I guess this is “direct drive” / no “fighting” drag setting? Any “fighting drag” applied is by thumb (preferably gloved?) on the reel? (I’ve got blisters on my fingers! - Ringo Starr)

IIRC, this reel casts only halfway well, likely due to my general ineptness with baitcasters, but maybe I can further tweak the casting drag?

It occurs to me that perhaps a direct drive baitcaster — tho’ THIS reel is likely not heavy duty enough? — may be what I need for situations where I just have to have 40 or more lbs. of force applied to the fish to keep him out of nearby cover?





More, soon, hopefully...

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Saluki: HA! It worked this time!
  • Ron:

    Those Penn and Ocean City reels will outlast our life time if taken care off. Have you I opened it up to see how the insides look? Bet the gears look like New. I would open it up and give a good lube. Reel’s chrome also looks full of corrosion. For corrosion I soak chrome parts in white vinager for an hour or two, overnight if really bad. Spool slap is very common in baitcasters, especially Penn reels if the spool is not adjusted correctly. I tighten down the lug in the middle on the left displayed until there is no spool slap and the spool hardly spins. Then I back off the spool lug to let the spool turn slightly free. These baitcasters do not cast well without much weight. Practice casting with 1 oz sinker, and go up to 4 oz sinker and watch your weighs fly when you cast.

  • Saluki: Hi, Ron,
    Thanks for the info. When things ease up a bit (HAH!!) I’ll try your suggestions. Are there any tricks to opening one of these up, and more importantly(!), correctly getting it back together? Are there any little parts that easily fall / spring away, etc.?
  • Ron:

    I am not a repairman person, but I have a few Penn reels. I have removed the 5 small s crews around the edge of the reels to take off the side plates and spool on all of them to clean and lube without the parts falling out.

  • Will: I agree a good cleaning lube works wonder. Scotts penn parts has schematics, repair tutorials and parts as long as old parts remain available. Also try Mikes reel parts in Canada

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