Eagle Claw Fly Rod 2 Piece 9'

Hello I picked up this Eagle Claw Fly Rod 2 Piece 9'. There are no markings on it at all except the Eagle Claw badge... Does anyone know what kind of rod this is and the value? I only paid 4 bucks for it at a garage sale! Beautiful Rod just want to know more about it. Any insight would be great. Thanks,

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5 months ago #2
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Very nice rod. $30-$35 seems like a fair value. Looks great for trout.

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5 months ago #3
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i cant date that for you but i have assorted rods by them and those brass logo badges on cork are very easily lost and missing many times.----if you plan to use that i would check that adhesive on that rod very carefully, those are hard to find if you need to replace, and without it the collector value goes down. looks like a nice rod and a great price.---- gene

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