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First Fish For The Year. 6/14/17 by Ron
The year was the end of the 5 year drought in California. It has been a year of rain and high winds. Los Vaqueros is almost full now, the highest the lake has ever been. The day was perfect, little winds in temperatures in the 80's. This ...
Blue Gill Harvesting by Saluki
(Above: Large "bull" bluegill) A few thoughts for anyone, RE: Big numbers bluegill harvesting. 1) Know the limits legal to keep at the body of water you are fishing. 2) The less fertile the lake, the greater the chance it can be "overharvested". ...

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I got this fishing button the other day that is smaller than my other vintage buttons. It is a 1939 with "RLPC" on the bottom. It has a number, 112414. Other than the smallness and RLPC, it ...
by Hook - 1 hour ago
I hope the Action-Track chair works well for you, Bill!
by skip smith - 1 hour ago
:laugh: Tim, my sentiments exactly! I have two fly-fishing outfits, haven't had the nerve to try to use 'em. Certainly not with an audience.
by skip smith - 1 hour ago
About all I can tell you, Woody, is that it appears to be a fly fishing reel, quite vintage. You might try searching the Alvey brand and looking on eBay.
by skip smith - 2 hours ago
Wow, Keith, those are genuine antiques! No idea what the value might be.
by skip smith - 2 hours ago
It'd depend on who works on the reel, Kenny. On the very few occasions I've worked on someone else's reel, I just ask that they cover the shipping, coming and going. I fool around with ...
by skip smith - 2 hours ago
I have # 52. But can see scratches caused by the stand. Could I still get decent amount from it?
by Guest - 2 hours ago

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