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How to Restore a Zebco 33 by dustyjoe
The Restoration of Skip's Zebco 33 A while back, Skip bought a metal body, brass gear 33 at a local flea market. When he saw how good the 33 and 55 looked that I had stripped and re-painted, he asked me to do his. He mailed it Mon. and it came this ...
How to spool a Zebco Reel by dustyjoe
How to spool a Zebco Reel First, remove the front cover and remove the old line. I remove the spinner head by turning it counterclockwise and then I remove the spool. You can drop it in an empty trash can or a box and keep wading the line up in ...
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Hi, Guest, welcome to Fishing Talks! Your Zebco 33, NIB (new in box) is a great fishing reel! It was produced in large quantities, so there are lots of them on the market, which reduces ...
by skip smith - 2 hours ago
Fishing Talkers, one of our Ace Moderators, Jim Jones, a.k.a. "dustyjoe" has suffered a tragic loss. His middle son, Jeremy, aged forty-something died, following a traffic collision ...
by skip smith - 3 hours ago
Ron, Good point on the drag setting.
by Dan Kub - 4 hours ago
Register and post some pictures.
by Ron - 5 hours ago
Register and post some pictures.
by Ron - 5 hours ago
Dustyjoe, take some time off for some good fall fishing, enjoy. Patbn6688
by Patricia Beck - 9 hours ago
Hi Andy. Thanks for the tip. You must be 13 years old to use this site. If your under 13, you must have your parents permission to post here. You can always return to this site when you ...
by Ron - 16 hours ago
Welcome. Register and post some pictures so we can see the condition of your rod. www.fishingtalks.com/are-the-folks-that-make-johnny-walker-fishing-rods-still-in-...-35093.html
by Ron - 17 hours ago
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