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Jet Action Auto Cast Rods by Reelcrazee
Have you seen one of these? I have had these for several years and decided to share some pictures of them. To use them, you simply put a reel on the rod and then run the line through the rod eye and then through the little hole in the ...
Johnson Century Model 135 by timmy
The Johnson Century is one of the most iconic American made spin-cast reels ever produced. There is just something truly special about the reel that has appealed to generations of fishermen everywhere. Since the first Century model 100 was ...
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I fish the Ohio river and with the rainy summer we've had, the hot temps and work this was the first time I've been on the river this year. Last year at this time I'd been out there more ...
by Huckster37 - 1 day ago
Thanks, guys! I really appreciate the info. These lures were part of a bunch of stuff that I bought. Probably 50 lures ranging from oldies like these to more modern stuff. There are a lot ...
by tholmes - 21 seconds ago
Thank you Paul, I always look forward to your too many pictures and too much text. I can't get enough, please keep it up. Dennis
by Huckster37 - 6 minutes ago
I am in agreement with Paul that this new old stock reel should not be fished ! Not to many of these around in that kind of condition. Make a deal with Paul for a used one so that pristine ...
by timmy - 1 hour ago
Well, that is a shame. But I can tell you that I have come close to doing the same several times. I don't come here to get caught up in the politics of the site, I come here for enjoyment, ...
by timmy - 1 hour ago
Chad says it was Keystone's "Okiebug." Jim
by dustyjoe - 1 hour ago
Heya Ron, Have you tried casting those larger fly poppers with a ultralight spincast or spinning reel? I have had some luck casting them with ultralites. Sometimes have to add some very ...
by Alpenflage - 2 hours ago

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