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Some Good Carp Bait by Chad B.
This is what I use for carp when I fish for them: dough balls. I make them either from crushed cornflakes mixed in with the cornmeal, or crushed Wheaties. This helps with the consistency of your dough ball, or cornmeal ball. It helps stick it on the hook much better. Here's the kicker, I don't know why, it's a trick my grandpa taught me as a youngster! Anise! Essence of anise needs to be added ...

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I would check with the local bait shops. Most lakes that have largemouth and pan fish will also have catfish, trout, and carp.
by Ron - 2 hours ago
First you have to state what make and model you are looking for parts for. Check ebay for parts too.
by Ron - 2 hours ago
Do a search on YouTube. You can find videos in cleaning reels there.
by Ron - 3 hours ago
Welcome. Check ebay. There are very little interest for these reels. Some are listed for $5, but buyers.
by Ron - 3 hours ago
Welcome. It depends if the sediment value of the rod. There are many shakespeare bamboo rods on ebay at all different prices. Figure on spending $15-$20 per eyelet to retire.
by Ron - 10 hours ago
This is a direct drive casting reel, so one would use a same 6' bait casting rod. Old direct drive reels do not cast well. The handle alway turn as the spool turns, there is no free spool. ...
by Ron - 11 hours ago
8 pound fish is great. No reason why you can't catch bigger fish on you current equipment. www.fishingtalks.com/12-pound-test-line-can-catch-big-fish.-1647.html
by Ron - 11 hours ago
Thank you very much. I just might try and take it down. Safe and enjoyable holiday to you all...Gary
by glm97229 - 14 hours ago
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