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Happy Chinese New Year 2017 by Ron
These were the last of the frozen bass I had vacuume packed in my freeze. I was saving them for a special occasion. My friends and I had our Chinese New Year dinner, so we had the fished cooked. I usually vacuum pack my fish if we don't eat it ...
Fishing gear......new is not always best..... by Cjwilson
When you are the middle girl between two brothers in the family. The gear you get is what they don't want. That being said, you learn to use busted stuff that doesn't work .You quickly learn how to repair your own gear, down the line this is a handy ...

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Today is a first sunny day after 2 grey and rainy weeks. I wish this is a sign for spring.
by jade - 4 hours ago
Use a dip net with a long rope. When you get the fish close enough and under control fishermen use this to hoist the fish up. Also remember once in the net to keep reeling the slack out of ...
by Alex - 3 minutes ago
The Michigan DNR www.Michigan.gov/dnr is offering a huge amount of money for anyone who can come up with an idea to stop 3 species of Carp from entering the Great Lakes. These fish must be ...
by Guest - 25 minutes ago
Where can I get my streamliner overhauled
by Al - 2 hours ago
Interesting reels. Thanks for sharing.
by Ron - 7 hours ago
Correct! Seems like an interesting story behind the production of it
by Vale - 10 hours ago
Yvette F. I recommend posting your question in the forum along with clear images of the lures. I'm sure some of the members here will be able to help you out!
by Vale - 10 hours ago

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