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Bronson Spin-Cast Reels by dustyjoe
Timmy was looking for a pinion for a Bronson 910 Savage and I told him that I had several Bronson Spin-Cast reels and that I would look. Turns out I have a box full, 20 reels, but only 1 Savage. I started taking reels apart and ...
The 33XBL, a smaller version of the One by dustyjoe
The 33XBL in it's first incarnation was refered to as the Bee Hive reel, because the front cover looked like a bee hive. The then became the Omega 33 and later the Omega 181. It had the same gearing as the larger 191. The Crank Shaft was shorter and ...
The Zebco One by dustyjoe

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I am so sorry to hear he is gone, I had many nice conversations with him and enjoyed reading his stories! He will be greatly missed!
by Vale - 1 day ago
I am also looking for an Eagle Ultra plus power cable. How can I but one from you?
by pj - 1 hour ago
I have a gep metal rod and was wondering its value and the history of these fishing rods
by Joe - 2 hours ago
I have two 1924's with one in the box with papers and two wrenches.
by Steve W. - 3 hours ago
Welcome. I would look for a 9' bamboo 6 weight rod to mount your reel. You should find one on ebay with a reasonable price.
by Ron - 7 hours ago
Welcome. I believe the number 3 is the model number of the reel. Number 3 is an older model. 5-6 weight line old old bamboo pole like a J C Higgins should be ok to play with without ...
by Ron - 7 hours ago
Thanks for having me lots of nice tips on here. Yes these redfish are fun to catch they're diet consist of basically everything in the marsh they love eating crabs they're cousin the black ...
by Saltyspottailchase r - 14 hours ago
You're welcome. This is a mullet (of about 2 kg) which I caught a little before sunset (17h45). I go to the beach at around 5 and start to throw small pieces of bread randomly( but not in ...
by Rajnish - 18 hours ago
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