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Happy Chinese New Year 2017 by Ron
These were the last of the frozen bass I had vacuume packed in my freeze. I was saving them for a special occasion. My friends and I had our Chinese New Year dinner, so we had the fished cooked. I usually vacuum pack my fish if we don't eat it ...
Fishing gear......new is not always best..... by Cjwilson
When you are the middle girl between two brothers in the family. The gear you get is what they don't want. That being said, you learn to use busted stuff that doesn't work .You quickly learn how to repair your own gear, down the line this is a handy ...

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Keep it up Gene! Pike are on my list to go after. The only pickerel I ever caught was only a few pounds but fought like hell.
by Floydboy75 - 2 hours ago
that shows in a 1949 shk. catalog that i have as a spring brook model with that number, sold for 15.50 at that time and was the lowest priced model of 4 bamboo flyrods they show.--gene
by gene - 1 hour ago
Welcome to Fishing Talks. This is probably a local tackle shop putting their sticker and name on generic rods. Many small shops do this. Tell us about your fishing background.
by Ron - 4 hours ago
Correct. 😋 http://www.fishingtalks.com/images/fbfi
by Ron - 11 hours ago

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