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Langley Lynx 995 by timmy
About a year ago I purchased a reel that was completely foreign to me. I had seen pictures of it in dustyjoe's blog on langley reels. I liked the way they looked, so I started looking for one. The Lynx 995 is a reel that was made by the Langley ...
Today Was Fishing, Not Catching 3/9/17 by Ron
Today was fishing, not catching. This was our first outing since November 2016. Normally we would fish all through winter, but this winter was just too wet. The 5 year drought ended this winter when we received 200% of normal rainfall. Los ...

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by admin - 2 hours ago
That is a beautiful spot! You'd get fish next time you're there :thumb-up:
by jade - 19 hours ago
Have been sorting out my fathers fishing tackle two rods of interest(1) A hardy bros 3 piece wallis avon.(2) A sydney jarvis 2 piece astral.both of these rods have not been used for some ...
by Guest - 1 hour ago
The best I can tell is that the Red Rhino reel first showed up in the 1997 catalog, I don't have the 1998 to see if this "Rhino" reel that Paul shows would have been pictured in it. But, I ...
by Reelcrazee - 1 hour ago
Register and tell us about fishing in Australia.
by Ron - 15 hours ago
Welcome. Reel should be priceless to you. Patent 2,175,756 was taken out in 1937 and patent 2,301,732 was taken out in 1940. Your reel could be from early 40's. ...
by Ron - 16 hours ago

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