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Starting sometime after the Second World War and continuing into the 1970's, many reel companies in the United States began having Japanese manufacturers make fishing reels for them in Japan. Also, many of these Japanese reels were imported and ...
Renosky Sonic Minnow Tip After Plastic Rips Beyond Repair by bubba94
I had a Renosky Sonic minnow which I caught about 40 fish with before it ripped badly. I was about to throw the spinner part away but decided to keep it. I broke the treble off the jammed end through the crappie magnet and added the split rig then ...

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I don't think you will regret it especially if you lose lots of spinners to rocks. I might try replacing trebles on one of my crank baits with singles an see how it goes if it works they ...
by bubba94 - 12 minutes ago
about a year ago we chewed on this topic for a bit, lets see if the link worked ...
by gene - 2 hours ago
the screwdriver will work fine, if careful when you lift up the plate with it. here are 2 photos from the factory owners booklet on that calibration. the really key thing on this procedure ...
by gene - 2 hours ago
I am thinking $50-$65 might be a fair price. There is signs of dirt, and a little corrosion on the handle, and the left plate has chips where the spool adjusting is. The is another one ...
by Ron - 2 hours ago
This is a duplicate posting.
by Ron - 3 hours ago
Odd that all the questions about fines come from California. Friend of mine was on the Petaluma River fishing with two poles. His fine was about $500. Let me know how your case turns ...
by Ron - 3 hours ago
All wood handle/ missing cap at end. The rest is in really beautiful condition. Worth? Year? Has elongated white diamond with what looks like orange or faded red HI ( partially worn off)
by Shirley - 4 hours ago

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