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Which type of fishing lure is good for which fish? by Ron
Spoons are probably some of the earliest lures made of bone and abolone mother of pearl. Now they are made of metal. Good for most species of fish. Crankbaits are good for bass, stripers, trout, and many other species of fish. Stick-baits ...
How Do You Transport Your Lures? by Ron
Old fashion 5 gallon bucket is always a cheap and effective way to carry your tackles and lures. Lures could be hung on the bucket lip. Had to be carefull with the exposed hooks. The tackle boxes are probably the most popular ways of ...
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You got that right, Paul! I haven't fished in several weeks.
by skip smith - 18 hours ago
OK then Vale, It must be the Giant Trevally. Jim
by dustyjoe - 3 hours ago
Correct again Ron, Your getting good at this, but still making the typos on that cell phone, it's Carpano and Pons and Pons was Charles A. Pons, so C.A.P fit all 3. Now where did the name ...
by dustyjoe - 4 hours ago
Not Strike King. I should have asked "who made me and what is my name?". Most importantly, who made me? I know that you know other family lures made by this company. Here is a hint. ...
by Ron - 8 hours ago
This was the list I meant to put: small mouth bass king salmon northern pike musky largemouth bass
by Vale - 10 hours ago
He originally worked for another well-known reel manufacturer (whose reels are also highly sought after by collectors) that went out of business. His first reels were very similar to those ...
by Vale - 10 hours ago
Does anyone have experience with the Wright & McGill Stream & Lake spin cast reels? Since I've gone so nuts about vintage W&M rods, I figure I should have at least one reel to match. ...
by skip smith - 10 hours ago

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