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Nightcrawlers and Worms by Dan Kub
Let's face it, everyone that has ever tried fishing before usually started out with a worm or night crawler. They either pulled a wriggler from under a rock or bought a can of them at the store. Anyway you look at it, worms have been used for fishing before reels were invented. However did you ever have a bad day fishing when <email> worms? Did you ever wonder why the fish in your ...

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dan, many of the guys i know would say exactly what you said. i guess if we were all the same and all used the same equipment it would get pretty boring around here.
by timmy - 40 minutes ago
Thank you,this rod is so neat and well made,I believe it is having fun being a mystery rod.
by Dave - 2 hours ago
I hear where your coming from here dan! Some of those Nightcrawlers that can be bought are B A D! Sometimes you open up the carton,and they smell like bacon gone bad! One time even like ...
by Chad B. - 6 hours ago
Vale, That makes sense to me. That is most likely the case. I know that Hagen's in Minnesota manufactures spinner blades of all sorts and supplies quite a few of the major tackle ...
by Dan Kub - 10 hours ago
Welcome. GD indicates reel went into production in 1947. I don't know if agate was used in fishing poles. Gene, our expert on reel might know. Register and join us and swap some stories.
by Ron - 14 hours ago
Ron,I found some of the sinkers at Walmart for over $1 a piece. A bit pricy for a worm sinker. Yet the same things are on Ebay for a quarter of that price. I do not think many people are ...
by Dan Kub - 16 hours ago
MoDoc and Ron,I second the idea MoDoc has. I have made my own out of a decent size cooler and a bilge pump. They work great and are portable. I just hook it up to a battery, transfer ...
by Dan Kub - 16 hours ago
Welcome. We do not have specific information in specific rods because there are millions out there. Value depends on condition and demand. With seeing your rod, no value can be placed on ...
by Ron - 19 hours ago
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