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Bronson commander 930 spincast by timmy
Hello fellow fisherman, today I will be discussing what might just be the rarest of the Bronson spincast reels, the commander model 930. First I would like to dedicate this blog to fellow fishingtalkers alpenflage and Dustyjoe both of whom are ...
Shakespeare 1774 FC WonderCast pictorial tear down for maintenance by Alpenflage
I'm terrible at blogs but I promised Skip and a new member Voley that I would do a take apart to service tutorial on the Shakespeare 1774 reels. The 1774 WonderCast reels are easy to work on and well built. They do use the older Shakespeare drag ...
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Mickey, I'd have to agree with the others above, If it aint broke, don't fix it. I always thought the borders looked just fine. Way more comfortable to look at, Now, too bright for this ...
by Chad B. - 5 hours ago
#6 Is my vote, Gene sat out there in 3 layers to catch those fish in 30 degree weather. Good job Gene!
by Chad B. - 15 hours ago
My Shakespeare fleet includes a recent Synsteel 1801S trigger spin, the 7500, a 1794 and a 1774. Two of them may be on rods next year.
by skip smith - 2 hours ago
Great! Good luck! :thumb-up:
by skip smith - 4 hours ago
Great picture Tim and a moment you both can share for years to come. I with you Ron, always love to see pics and videos of kids fishing. Paul
by Alpenflage - 5 hours ago
Here is some information on the company. http://www.fishingtalks.com/bronson-reel-company-621.html J A Coxe is the name on the reel. The script writing is hard to read. That is why most ...
by Ron - 6 hours ago
It is like i told someone else.I personaly. Like the Mepps no.2,,brass colored with a treble hook system.I always looked for some overhanging branches on the far side of the stream. Then ...
by albin26 - 11 hours ago
Welcome. Register and post some pictures.
by Ron - 13 hours ago
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