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How to clean a fishing reel by MoDoc
Generally, when I take any reel apart I will lay out a cloth to place my parts on. Then, when removing the parts lay them out in the order that you removed them, so when you are ready to reassemble the reel you can reverse the order of the disassemble. IT IS ADVISABLE NOT TO WASH ALL OF YOUR PARTS AT ONE TIME - ONE PIECE AT A TIME: To wash and clean the parts with Dawn dish soap is okay -- I ...

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I have a fishing reel my Father-law gave me manny years ago. It's in original box and bag and has everything it came with - such as manual, extra handle , wrench and so on. All are In ...
by Guest - 1 hour ago
This sounds like a question for Timmy or Gene. They are the experts.
by Ron - 2 hours ago
Can you post pictures of the new reels? Problem sounds like a Timmy or Gene question to answer.
by Ron - 3 hours ago
I would check with the locals. Too many species of fish out there to identify.
by Ron - 3 hours ago
Don't know if problem is fixed or not, but from all the posting here, their customer relations department is poor. They won't address the issues when there are problems.
by Ron - 3 hours ago
Here is information on your rod. www.fishingtalks.com/any-info-on-a-blanchard-algonquin-rod-that-came-with-my-mitchell-300-reel-a...-370989.html
by Ron - 3 hours ago
Check ebay. Value of rod greatly depends on condition. It could be $10 - $75+ for new in mint condition with case.
by Ron - 4 hours ago
What is your email im in market for seafox.
by Erik - 21 hours ago
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