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Tips to finding or prepping an area for great crappie fishing in spring and summer by Floydboy75
Setting up the fishing spot If you want to encourage crappie to school in a certain area and have access, felling a few small trees along the banks to give some cover, especially near where you last had success to improve the stock for the future ...
What I do with old lures with bad paint by Reelcrazee
new number nudies 001.JPG
A lot of us have old lures with terrible paint. Some the paint is almost all gone. What do you do with them? They are old wooden lures that have little to no value , but you hate to throw them away so they end up in a junk box or drawer. Well ...
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by Chad B. - 2 days ago
Welcome Ren. Register and post some pictures of your catches.
by Ron - 43 minutes ago
Thanks Paul. I added a few more.
by Ron - 45 minutes ago
Wow, good eye. It was off of a Zebco Pro-Staff model 2020. It's unreal how the condition of some of these fishing reels are. So far, I've yet to get a clean one, or one I didn't have to ...
by sharpreel - 1 hour ago
Great. Thanks.
by Ron - 1 hour ago
Paul,, Are you talking about the click spring or the little spring that makes the clicking sound when a fish takes line ? There are 2 kinds of reels. One has a drag like a 202 & 404 and the ...
by dustyjoe - 4 hours ago
I like Floydboy75 weight ideas as well. Nice alternative methods. Paul
by Alpenflage - 9 hours ago

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