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Which line should you use when fishing rivers and lakes? by Dan Kub
1. 4-6lb: First thing is you need to ask yourself, is what kind of fish you plan on fishing for. If you are fishing for Bluegill, bream, or crappie, etc, I would go with a little ultra lite reel with 4-6 lb test on a 6-6.6ft lite action rod.2. 10 - 15lb: If you are looking for Bass or Pike, I would stick with a medium sized spinning reel with 10-15lb test. Rod should be at least 6.6ft long and ...

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We have decided to run some more tests and delay the actual maintenance for tomorrow.Sorry for the inconvenience.
by admin - 14 hours ago
I do not think I have ever broken any rods... maybe I am not catching big enough fish :S
by Dan Kub - 33 minutes ago
Hello Chad B., and everyone,I trust that you all are doing well and that you all are being 'blessed!' I am doing G-R-E-A-T!!!THANK YOU!!! I 'thank' each and everyone of you for your ...
by MoDoc - 8 hours ago
What is this? I caught a 20 lbs + catfish. I buddy's wife wanted to eat it. She didn't know how big it was when I brought it to her. It was still alive when I gave it to her. She put ...
by Ron - 13 hours ago
I saw a news story that Radio Shack was closing down or some such....will have to see if the Monett store is still open.
by skip smith - 16 hours ago
Thanks Dan Kub, I think that you're right about there being another blog about the lb test, I will have to reread it! Thanks for explaining about the different lines and using them with the ...
by Vale - 18 hours ago
Welcome. Have you tried ebay? Sometimes you can find manuals and original advertising for old reels. Register and take the reel out and catch some fish. Then post some pictures.
by Ron - 19 hours ago
Hello and Welcome my rod and reel explained, Ron, and everyone, I trust that this reply finds you all doing well and that you all are being 'blessed!' I am doing G-R-E-A-T!!! Sears did ...
by MoDoc - 21 hours ago
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