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Fishing Bloopers, Part 2 by MoDoc
Hello to everyone, I trust that this reply finds you all doing well and that you are being 'blessed!' I am doing G-R-E-A-T!!! One of the funniest experiences that I had was several years ago and it involved my ex-brother-in-law, two (2) of his brothers, and myself. We were into snagging for rough fish that were in some of the local oxbow lakes in and around the Saint Joseph, MO area. One ...

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Thanks for the greeting and info, Mo. I hope to get more fishing done in the future, so I can share some news.
by Paul W. - 2 hours ago
You took the words right outta my mouth on this one ron! You are right! This is a juvenile small mouth bass! I got a good buddy who fishes these all the time up in South Dakota,sends me all ...
by Chad B. - 9 hours ago
HAHAHAHA! These are good ones Modoc! I laughed the whole time I read these posts! Buffalo/carp Stink mobile!!! Hahahaha! Thats some funny stuff!
by Chad B. - 9 hours ago
Glen: I just signed up with Fishing Talks and they have my email. Thanks
by kellyhak - 14 hours ago
I have a bamboo fishing rod, about 9 ft. long when assembled. The handle part seems to be mahogany, with aluminum socket (the rod has an aluminum male end), butt and reel mount. It appears ...
by Blindwillie - 17 hours ago
Right. Never thought of it that way.
by Ron - 1 day ago
Is there a two letter model stamped on the reel?
by Ron - 1 day ago
Bake in foil covered wth dill, lemon , Italian seasoning & a tablespoon of butter. But fresh is the key. Freeze immediately if not cookin that day.
by Halo - 1 day ago
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