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Tips for adding line to a sidewinding fishing reel by Alpenflage
Many of the sidewinding reels have deep spools and can take more line than some want to spool on them. There are multiple ways to use less line without hurting the performance. The easiest I've found is wrap some twine on the spool before butting ...
Record Catfish by Huckster37
Here's a In Fisherman article If you caught a 56lb'er you may have had a record. My biggest was 24lb's on a trot line. The Channel Cat Conundrum The current IGFA all-tackle world record 58-pound channel catfish was taken by W.H. Whaley ...

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Reelerdealer, I'm thankful it will be of help to you. Paul
by Alpenflage - 12 minutes ago
Interesting read Dennis. It brings up good points about old records and old photos equals controversies that will never be 100% answered. Paul
by Alpenflage - 34 minutes ago
Same with me, we've used the older Silver Cast reels from the 208 up to the 217. Both made in Japan and the later Korea makes. Well made reels although the Japan versions are a bit better ...
by Alpenflage - 37 minutes ago
Thanks everyone. This came from a post that I had shared a little more info in. The twine idea is not mine but from Airex, the fishing reel division of the Lionel Train Company. They use to ...
by Alpenflage - 37 minutes ago
Are these all Bill Lewis Rat-L-Traps or something else? I know Cordell makes something similar too. http://www.fishingtalks.com/
by Bobalougats - 2 hours ago
i have an owners manual for the 63 SR and 63 SL that shows a 1975 date on it and reads as follows.-----TRUE TEMPER an Allegheny Ludlum Industries company. Jim is correct,those 2 models ...
by gene - 5 hours ago
I have a 1733 favorite with no letters listed.it shows its made in Kalamazoo USA. Would you know the year for this?
by Cheryl - 8 hours ago

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