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A Way To Almost Date Your SuperCaster by OCAUTO
This is a photo of 13 of Al's Hurds. He has about 23 total. In this photo you see that Al has 1 Black Saltwater model; 1 Caster, with the straight plastic handle; 1 which he painted Red, White, & Blue; 3, with the small spool; and the other ...
November 2016 Fishing - Rat-L-Trap Was King by Ron
Fall fishing is the best time for fishing at Los Vaqueros. The winds are down and the stripers are active. This year, has been really slow. We started yesterday with a beautiful day. I was trying my Bite Light Strobe Lure, a lipless crankbaits. ...
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I know it is getting cold but I still hope to see some pictures here after the weekend ;)
by jade - 2 days ago
Back in my younger days before I became a fair weather fisherman I would fish warm water discharges. If you have any Power Plants near you, go to the discharge, the water is usually 10 ...
by Huckster37 - 1 hour ago
I should have a picture of it in 3-4 days we will see how much more room their is compared to the tackle box
by bubba94 - 2 hours ago
Your in great company. Lots of collectors here. Wonderful that you can past the love of fishing on to other generations.
by Ron - 7 hours ago
Welcome. Are you going to show it to us? Is this a question? Not sure what you are trying to say. http://www.fishingtalks.com/search.html?search_req=search&searchword=Instructions+
by Ron - 8 hours ago
Shakespeare made reels in mass numbers. No not rare.
by Ron - 20 hours ago
Oh I did not know the salt was inside the plastics. I will probably still add salt to my plastics that did not have salt like tubes an my trout magnets. I do not think I will go fishing ...
by bubba94 - 22 hours ago

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