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The Johnson model 130 by timmy
The Johnson model 130 was first introduced around 1964. The model 30 was much like the earlier citation, but it featured a new drag and gear system that virtually all Johnson reels that followed would use. Instead of working against the spool, the way the drag on the older Johnson reels did, the Sabra line of reels used a drag that worked by allowing the main gear to slip. I don't know for ...
Interest by MoDoc

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Hello Jade I trust that this reply finds you all doing well and that you all are being 'blessed!' I am doing G-R-E-A-T! I went to the DIY Form and one question. Then the other two that ...
by MoDoc - 10 hours ago
I just wish they'd start making these reels again like they used to timmy! Honestly I don't think they could sell enough of them,The asking price would be significantly more,and as long as ...
by Chad B. - 32 minutes ago
You guys are gonna kick me in the you know what for this! Yesterday the father-in-law ended up in a local town right west of here,on duty for his part time job as he is retired,works for ...
by Chad B. - 44 minutes ago
Wow, guys good info here! Very interesting! This is exactly why I became a member of this site! Still learning!
by Chad B. - 1 hour ago
Well, darnnit! I bid on a nice Century 100B, vintage 1974-79 on ebay and with 15 seconds left in the auction, someone outbid me by 50 cents. Wouldn't that frost ya? Oh well, another time.
by skip smith - 2 hours ago
Hi Dave. I just now came across your post from some months ago asking for schematics of Johnson reels. If you're still needing those schematics, I can provide.
by skip smith - 2 hours ago
There are many makers of braid. Any name brand like Berkeley, Spider Wire, Stren, etc. will do. Braid in 10 lbs comes in 2 and 4 lbs diameter. 2 lbs is harder to handle and knots are very ...
by Ron - 7 hours ago
Welcome. Penn does not date code their reel. I would guess the long breach started about 1938. www.fishingtalks.com/penn-reel-company-history-1259.html Register and join us.
by Ron - 8 hours ago
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