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Buying And Selling Lures by Dan Kub
Buying and selling fishing tackle and just about most anything is common practice these days, since most people do not have the income they once did 8 years ago. Buying fishing tackle in bulk and reselling is huge business on Ebay. The problem is ...
How to make your own Rod Wrapper and Dryer. by dustyjoe
Ron tried to turn my forum post into a blog and it didn't work. I had posted the photos and then tried to add the information on Edit and that didn't work either. So I'm going to post the pics and then go back and copy and paste the instructions. ...
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After cleaning my shimano symetry the anti reverse switch isn't locking up. I am not missing any parts. PLEASE HELP!!!
by Willhoitea - 41 minutes ago
How do I replace fishing line on a True Temper Uni-Spin Reel?
by Guest - 1 hour ago
hi , I can't find any info or pic about my Win. Spin reel C L 40 . Not on Google or E bay ?
by Tony - 1 hour ago
My hardy rod has a number 10089c what year would this be please?
by Guest - 2 hours ago
wish i could but i am not good at that, take my word for it , hard to beat this place for fishing swimming or just looking at mother nature. It has many many memories for me over the ...
by cecolefly - 2 hours ago
I had some. Have not really tried them.
by Ron - 9 hours ago
Jaye, join us and share more stories. We love hearing fishing stories of others and it is free to join.
by Dan Kub - 9 hours ago
Just check the answer I gave for you on the other post.
by Dan Kub - 9 hours ago
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