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Thrift Store Buys of January 2017 by Ron
These are my first thrift store buys of the year. This reel was in a plastic bag for $20. I picked it up and quickly threw it down. I thought it was a cheap plastic reel. I came back to the reel and notice that it was a Mitchell Garcia 308 ultra ...
Johnson Century 225 vs Century Pro 345 by Huckster37
I recently aquired a couple Century Pro 345's. I thought I would compare them to a Century 225.

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Thank You !
by dustyjoe - 5 hours ago
one more batch,i been cleaning and giving them away to people that can't or don't fish.
by gene - 2 days ago
There are four listed in ebay in similar condition from $40-$195 starting bid. No buyers on any of the reels, so demand is low. Value is what one is willing to pay, not asking price.
by Ron - 10 hours ago
Oh, wow, Hector, those Johnson spinning reels are really rare! I've never seen one, and I've collected Johnson reels for over 30 years. The only thing I can suggest is to watch eBay and ...
by skip smith - 10 hours ago
A skespear no 1810 level wind spin wondereel. ,, is this the model you look for? http://www.fish
by Bryan 1810 - 11 hours ago
Thank you for your service, Al! Anchors Aweigh, Skip
by skip smith - 11 hours ago

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