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November 2015 Fishing. by Ron
We were red hot fishing for trout November 10 and couldn't wait for the following weeks fishing. My freezer was getting full of trout, so gave away 8 trout with the anticipation of catching more. On November 15 we went out and Denis ...
A few good tips to catch a catfish by Vale
Credit for this post goes to RONCHATMAN3. I have a different approach to catching catfish. Bait and Tackle I use a six foot tall, skinny slip float that most fishermen use for crappie fishing. My favorite baits are medium minnows and small ...
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hello robert, nice looking spinning reel you have there. like ron im not familiar with the brand, but it certainly looks well kept. a couple of things to keep in mind when considering the ...
by timmy - 10 minutes ago
hi there huckster37, those old 120 and 120A are an excellent reel. i have a 120A that will outcast any reel...im serious, spooled full of 8 lbs test and 3/4 ounce weight it will pull every ...
by timmy - 21 minutes ago
Thanks as always:cheer:
by canesallaccess - 12 hours ago
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Cabela's (CAB on NYSE) shareholders want $60 a share for a buy out. Today's price at close is $46.77. So if price is right, it might be sold. ...
by Ron - 12 hours ago
Welcome. Value depends on condition. Register and post some pictures. You can also do a search here for articles, or check ebay fit prices.
by Ron - 12 hours ago
Dustyjoe would be the man to talk to on this one, you'll have to wait until he chimes in though.
by Chad B. - 12 hours ago
Have a pile of those new and used! If you ever need Johnson parts let me know.
by Chad B. - 13 hours ago
I have wondered about the Great Lakes Company locals as well. Currently I own three of their vintage reels and going by them and examples I have seen on eBay they either moved a fair amount ...
by Alpenflage - 1 day ago
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