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eBay Mistakes - My Lates Rod Purchased October 16, 2016 by Ron
These are some of the most recent rod purchases I made. It seems like all the rods purchased recently are very colorful and brightly colored. These are not the colors of rods I would pick if buying a rod off the rack. But if price is ...
How to sell your fishing reel online by sharpreel
If you want to get closer to guaranteeing you get the most you can from a listing make sure you do the following. 1. Be accurate with your title. Be very descriptive with your description and give as many details as you can on the item. 2. Make ...
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I have an ocean city 923 that is missing the worm and line guide. Im having a hard time finding replacement parts. Would you please send me the schematic?
by MattD - 22 minutes ago
Dennis, The brake rings on Zebco reels were glued into the frame with a contact cement and that is what I re-glue them with. I have seen people use epoxy and I have used it years ago, but ...
by dustyjoe - 10 hours ago
Post some pictures so we can see the bag.
by Ron - 11 hours ago
I have tried Zoom Trick Worms and they worked great on bass. Used with 1/8 oz jig head. http://www.fishingtalks.com/images/fbfil
by Ron - 11 hours ago
Not able to obtain any information on the rod from your picture. More detailed and clearer pictures are needed. ...
by Ron - 15 hours ago

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